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PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2003 9:25 am 
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Joining Lucid Vision

Even though our core team of players has been PKing together for many years, we area not a click. We are just very selective of who gets to stay in Lucid Vision. I'll be honest with you. It's hard to get into LV.

Your first experience with guild chat will seem like a poker game at your buddies house. Vulgarities, explicit sexual content, cigar smoke, and members ragging on each other left and right -- so it may be a bit misleading.

To be a member of Lucid Vision, you need to have a sense of humor, a thirst for the kill, be a team player, and most importantly you need to be a good listener - and follow officer directions (this is not a power trip, it's how shit gets done so people dont get dead).

Be prepared to be KoS to 99% of the server population. If this troubles you, goodbye. Weather you apply in person, or are absorbed by a merger - I want to make sure you know what we're about:

We're about not even having to see what your guildmate is doing during PvP, because you know what he's going to do before he does it. Many of our members have faught side by side in many games and for many years now. Get to know your brothers and sisters in guild.

We're about having each others back and putting your guildmates needs in front of your own. Everyone hooks everyone up on the cheap or the free as it only makes us stronger. Need before greed, and guild needs before personal needs. If you are a ninja loot whore - I can guarantee you wont last a day.

We don't expect you to be online 24/7. Most of LV are adult professoinals (doctors, consultants, bookies, engineers, hookers, lawyers, etc etc) so we have zero tolerance for stupid people. We work hard, play hard, and kill hard.

Life always comes before game. You got RL personal bullshit to deal with ? Don't let an officer catch you online until you've worked that shit out or we're just going to bust your balls.

You want to talk smack in game while you PK? Go ahead - some of the death threats we get are hilarious. You want to talk smack to your guild officers, or officers of an allied guild? After they PK you on the spot come see me so I can do the same seconds after deguilding you.

If you find us too offensive to hang out with - you probably have no sense of humor, or are a female. If your a female with a nice rack, and want to email us naked pictures of your tits, we may give you special concessions although its highly unlikely.

If you are morally against any of the above requirements and somehow wound up with an LV tag over your head -- deguild yourself. Better you do it yourself than make us do it for you.

For those that do make the cut you'll find that LV is a family. Sure, a dysfunctional murderous family not unlike the Mansons, but a family none the less, and we can promise you 100% loyalty, trust, freedom, and some of the funnest times you've ever had in game.

We usually can tell who will make it due to the lack of guild members begging IC for permission to kill you. If you pass muster then you will be promoted from Recruit to full blown Member.

Lucid Vision although small, is an experienced, well-oiled killing machine. If you got what it takes we'd like to hear from you.

Jesus loves you. Best of luck.

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